October 28, 2008


Lisen said...

pepparkakor, florsocker, snö o granris, det är mina konstiga assoociationer(?!)



Søggen-Dazs said...


Katrine Ny said...

Haha, I totally have the same associations as Lisen! So funny - I wanted to comment to tell my funny associations but then I saw I was not the first one. I, too, got a Christmas feeling thinking of pepper cookies and snow when I saw this combination!
- However, I'm quite sure your theme is not Christmas. :)

Esti said...

wow! I like these two!

salina said...

love the patterns here! they totally remind me of winter.

Marta Nunes said...

i love this and i have a similiar project in portuguese, i'm going to give the site and i hope you like it. :)


Now you are in my favorites. kisses