February 25, 2009


Malgosia said...

good morning!

ojdå, now it's getting tricky. guess that curves don't fit any more, huh?

what about "near vs far"?

Cheryl said...

Not sure if anyone has guessed this yet, but now I am thinking reflection? if not still "rim." you guys are getting trickier! ;)

lisen said...

högerbilden ser ut som Helvetesgapet. Förvirrande!
Tema Astrid Lindgren-sagor?
Den vänstra kanske kan vara ljuset i "Jonatan! Jag ser ljuset!" -?
Nä. Ok ok.

emma lamb said...

hmm... bokeh?

phoebe marie said...

i'm guessing light. someday i will figure one of these out. i love them. you two are amazing and inspiring. xxo.

nathalie et cetera said...

or depth of field?
lovely series!